Early on this year I was contacted by a lovely lady who attends our monthly Reiki share. Denise asked if I would mind being interviewed about our Reiki shares as she was keen to write an article for the International Centre of Reiki magazine. We subscribe to this magazine, and it has some very interesting articles so of course, […]

Here at the Navitas Centre we teach both Western and Japanese styles of Reiki. Although they both use the same source i.e. Spiritual or Universal Life Force Energy, they are two entirely different practices.

Modern or Western Reiki
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This is a very interesting question and many would answer the question simply by saying, ‘Reiki is about healing’.

This is not so much the case. The purpose of Reiki is to put us back in touch with the true essence of who we are. This is done by putting us in touch with the universal life force energy or spiritual energy. The overall ultimate aim of Reiki is to become enlightened, through a spiritual practice.
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