Advanced Reiki & Consciousness Course

5.0 rating
August 20, 2018

The Advanced Japanese Reiki & Consciousness Group has benefited tremendously. It’s helped me take some really challenging steps forward, which have been deeply healing, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Working with a small, intimate and open group of like-minded people provides a very safe and loving space for this important inner work, allowing us to connect and support one another without fear or judgment. Simon works at an intuitive level with each session unfolding perfectly as it should, while providing advanced Reiki techniques and stimulating discussion on the nature of our true essence. Expect the unexpected, and welcome into your heart!

Dan Sherwen

Shoden and Okuden

5.0 rating
July 1, 2018

I decided to revisit Reiki after many years of not being ‘truly’ engaged with it. I was searching for a Reiki Master that would offer much more than ‘just a 2 day class’. I was seeking an aide or place to help pick up my journey with reiki / continue the spiritual path, and found a place to practice, find peace, new tools, to go deeper.
I’m very happy to have found a teacher and supportive students to complement, examine and build on the foundations laid some time ago.
In Simon and Navitas, I’ve found a perfect place/partnership to continue my journey and for that, I am truly grateful.
Thank you ??

Julie Ann

Okuden training. June 2018

5.0 rating
June 17, 2018

I have just completed the Okuden course and like the Shoden it is difficult to describe the positive impact that they have had on me. Both courses were truly amazing. The mix of practitioners like myself were a vital and supportive element to the training and Simon was able to bring us all together as a powerful unit, just amazing. Simon has a genuineness and compassion that makes the course so amazing; it is together with his knowledge and experience that Reiki teachings have been opened up to me. Amazing.
I don’t know whether I have said enough ‘amazing,s’? I have also attended one of the many monthly meets for practitioners and such was equally amazing, not knowing anybody does not matter because the environment is made safe by the kindness and generosity of practitioners and Simon and is emmensly helpful to support practice.Oh yes I can’t forget the amazing treats that Kate provides All in all I would wholeheartedly recommend the Navitas Centre

Jackie Higgs


5.0 rating
April 15, 2018

I have been living and reflecting all week and could not put into words how I truly felt until this moment.
I have spent many wonderful times with amazing souls on the Reiki courses that Simon gifts and shares his unconditional wisdom with us all. If I am sharing how amazing the wisdom and teachings that I experience when I am in the presence of Simon I always from the bottom of my heart will say “Simon is off this world but he is not from this world”
It is impossible for me to really describe the insight and higher awareness gifted to me on the three day residential Reiki Retreat as it truly was “out of this world” and to intellectualise and try and share is very difficult for me to explain.
I can whole heartedly share that the experiences through the wisdom and meditation practices that I experienced over the three days has changed my life, my world and my truth.
To say it was one of the most challenging roller coaster rides of my life would be an understatement!! To say I experienced an emotional desire to hold onto old believes, thoughts and feelings I had created all my life as the truth was challenging to say the least!! and you may feel the energy and the emotions of change as I am writing my feelings to share.
For me It was the most lonely and challenging experience to be taken into a space and energy that truly challenged my EGO as I had to come to terms with “who am I”. When you connect on a consciousness that feels naked you feel incredibly vulnerable and from that state of consciousness an awakening from within shines through like a flower budding for the first time.
It is the most magnificent experience to connect with your truth. As a child we live in every waking moment with an open heart, we do not judge and question vulnerability and fear as we rejoice with an inner knowing and open heart that we are truly here to experience love.
This is how I felt for three life changing days with Simon and 21 amazing and beautiful souls who unconditionally created a space and energy for me to experience the divine gift of acceptance and unconditional love.
I will treasure every waking moment for the freedom to choose the energy and space that I create that I know maybe invisible to the eye but with an inner knowing that with love it has no boundaries as the universe serves me.
I am feeling so incredibly blessed and I cannot wait for the next residential Reiki Retreat. Thank you Simon for “being you” x


Inner Light Retreat

5.0 rating
April 10, 2018

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude that I took the opportunity to travel from Cambridge to Cheshire to join you all. At the time I booked I had no notion on a mind level why I was attending but clearly my inner being knew exactly why. I struggled on the first day but the second day of the retreat has changed my life, I am eternally grateful. Special thanks to the incredible Simon for just being.

Carol Cooper