The human being consists of mainly two bodies, the physical body and the spiritual body. The spiritual body is composed of vibrations of light, which are structured in a way so that they create a large number of different energy centres. These energy centres are referred to as chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, which means a wheel. There are countless numbers of chakras in the human body. In fact every cell of the body is an energy centre but out of all, seven are considered as main energy centres or chakras. These seven chakras are located in a straight line along the spine, beginning at the base of the spine and finishing over the top of the head. They keep rotating and generating energy, which looks after physical, intellectual and emotional functions of our body, mind and spirit. This energy is perceived as light by the spiritual eye.

Each chakra has a colour and an element of nature associated with it. The colours are in the order of the rainbow colours beginning with: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo and Violet.

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There are many ways of cleansing and balancing chakras. The most common methods are visualisation, meditation and crystals.Pebbles_XSmall.jpg

Visualisation is great way to cleanse or balance Chakras.  However, for some people this can prove difficult.  Using meditation CDs such as ‘The Little Chakra Meditation Album’ are great place to start. This particular meditation CD walks you through the visualisation, helping you to focus on each chakra, while playing some beautiful background music. There are many other meditation CDs available.

If you find it fairly easy to visualise, then try this shower method.  You can use this method during a shower in the morning, but it can be used anytime and you don’t even have to be in the shower. Read more