Many people worry about meditating, this is because there is so many different ways that people think you should meditate. Meditation is simply quieting the mind or focusing the mind, some people find this easier than others, but everyone can achieve this state of mind.

Meditation is an important part of spiritual development, when we are in meditative state we raise our vibration, which helps us to connect to the spirit world.

The hardest thing about meditating is stopping those daily thoughts i.e. I haven’t paid that bill, or I need to post that letter tomorrow and so on. Many people usually spend most of their time fighting these thoughts and this is where they go wrong. The best way is to acknowledge those thoughts and thank them for reminding you and then send them away. You could visualise the thoughts you have written down on paper and then place that paper in a self addressed envelope and then see yourself posting the letter into a letter box, this way you can pick that thought back up in the morning when the post arrives. It’s when we don’t acknowledge those thoughts that they keep coming back and usually stronger. Try whatever method is right for you.

The other factor that worries people is the breathing, i.e. best option is to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, you should usually do this at least for the first three deep breaths and if needs be revert back to breathing in and out through your nose because if you find that easier. It’s important to do what feels most comfortable for you and not what other people say you should do. However, if you can master breathing deeply into the pit of your stomach, you will find it much easier to relax.

The most important thing is to sit comfortably but with your back straight against a chair, arms if possible resting on your lap and with both feet flat on the floor and not crossed, crossing your legs prevents the energy flow. You can if you feel more comfortable lie down.

Types of meditation

There are three main ways to meditate, the first one is using visualization to get to a meditative state, this consists of someone walking you through the meditation by visualizing something and then leaving you to meditate i.e. you are walking on a path and you see a beautiful garden with a bench, when you get to the bench you decide to sit down, now this is your time to spend with your loved ones or spirit guides, then you are left to see what happens, after a particular length of time, the person will then bring you back by walking you back the way you went in. This helps your mind to focus and is a really good way to start. If you don’t have someone to help you with this, there are many good meditation CDs available to help with meditation.

The second method is focusing your mind on one thing or object. I.e. a candle that is burning. You stare at this candle and watch it burn while you breathe in deeply. When you are completely focused on the candle and your mind is clear of all thoughts then you are in meditative state. Another one could be a mirror, you can stare at yourself in the mirror, but please only try this one when you feel you are ready, you need to be prepared for anything. You may see your features change in the mirror, or possibly see guides; angles or loved ones appear in the mirror.

The third way is for the more experienced and that is simply sitting in the quiet or listening to music and going straight into meditative state. Once you have mastered this level of meditation you can meditate anywhere and it will usually only take 3 deep breathes.

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