Cost: £230.00

Okuden is the Japanese word for ‘Inner Teachings’

This course is suitable for those who have completed Shoden Animal Reiki and wish to deepen their understanding of Reiki, its practice with animals and as a self-practice.

The system of Reiki originated as a path for spiritual development, with self and animal healing a powerful and wonderful result of working with Reiki in your own life. Therefore you should wait an appropriate length of time (usually 3 months) before advancing to Okuden level. This will ensure a solid energetic foundation has been formed from the practices taught during the Shoden course together with confidence and experience with animal Reiki.

You will learn the same internal spiritual practices and experience of energy as taught through our non-animal Japanese Reiki courses, however the external manifestation will be experienced during and after the course through practice and connection with animals rather than people.

The Reiki techniques and practices will be taught alongside our animal companions providing a direct experience of meditations or attunements within the presence of animals. This practical approach continues throughout each day of the course allowing you to fully experience and observe the effect of each practice on an animal. In this way you will begin to understand the power of the shared space created during and following each practice and witness the signs of acceptance and release within each animal you work with.

Okuden means inner teachings, so within this level you will work towards deepening your understanding of earth energy and heavenly energy (the original energy system of Reiki). Understanding and working with both energies are the foundations to becoming fully integrated with Reiki and to successfully using it with animals.

Learning and practising shirushi (Japanese for symbols) and jumon (Japanese for mantras) allows this integration. Working with these symbols and mantras internally by visualising and chanting will help you with your own energy levels and sensitivity to Reiki energy. Working with them alongside your animal will enhance the practice you have built with them and the healing space you create.

Working with the symbols and mantras will also help you towards becoming one with the universal life force energy, a deeper knowing that we are all truly connected to that life force. It is this oneness that enables a profound healing practice shared with your animal and an awareness of a more spiritual sense of self-healing and connection to all animals.Another element of working this way and of knowing the energetic connection we have with the universe means that you will gain a much deeper understanding of distant healing treatments.

There are many other techniques that are taught over the two days that will aid you further with your spiritual growth and animal connection.

The course itself is over two days and will provide you with:-

  • Three Japanese Jumon and Shirushi their meanings and usage
  • The concept of oneness and the ability to help animals distantly
  • Three attunements
  • Energy meditations to delve deeper into the Reiki energy and how to share it with animals
  • Techniques to develop your sensitivity
  • Practising Animal Reiki professionally
  • Signs of animal relaxation, reactions and suggested treatment programs
  • Building on intuition and connection
  • A daily spiritual practice

Benefits to learning Okuden

  • Deepening knowledge of Reiki from a Japanese perspective
  • Deepening the understanding of earth, heavenly and heart Ki
  • Finding balance in everyday life
  • Feeling more grounded and present with your animal
  • Beginning to release your fear and anger and those of your animal
  • Finding your true self and worthiness
  • Progressing along your spiritual path
  • Beginning to help animals professionally

This course is available as a 2 day course for those who have not studied Okuden Reiki and as a one day workshop for those who have, but wish to use their Reiki at a deeper level with animals.

Style & Lineage

This two-day course is based on the traditional Japanese form of Reiki and the teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho.


You will receive a certificate upon completion of the two-day course.

Ongoing Support & Advice

We are available for any questions or support face to face, by phone, via our student forum or if you would prefer by email.

We provide continued learning with Reiki shares and workshops.