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We share a close bond with our animals and the relationship we build with them can be a source of great comfort to both. However, we can enhance this relationship further through the practice of Reiki, allowing us to support them fully, as they do us.

Shoden is the Japanese word for ‘first teachings’

The aim of Japanese first teachings is to help you build a spiritual practice into your life. This spiritual practice includes daily energy meditations and self-healing. It is this practice that will help you to achieve a oneness with Reiki, to become Reiki as opposed to simply being a channel of Reiki and in this space you will find enhanced connection with all animals in your life.

Shoden Animal Reiki is suitable for anyone. It does not matter whether you are completely new to Reiki, or have been practicing for years with Western Style Reiki and now wish to deepen your understanding of Reiki by learning to the application of traditional Japanese practices for the benefit of animals as well as yourself.

You will learn the same internal spiritual practices and experience of energy as taught through our non-animal Japanese Reiki courses, however the external manifestation will be experienced during and after the course through practice and connection with animals rather than people.

The Reiki techniques and practices will be taught alongside our animal companions providing a direct experience of meditations or attunements within the presence of animals. This practical approach continues throughout each day of the course allowing you to fully experience and observe the effect of each practice on an animal. In this way you will begin to understand the power of the shared space created during and following each practice and witness the signs of acceptance and release within each animal you work with.

The course itself is completed over two days and is based upon the Let Animals Lead TM approach developed by Kathleen Prasad, which adopts the key principle of working in harmony with animals, allowing them to choose how to receive a treatment.

This course is available as a 2 day course for those who have not studied Shoden Reiki and as a one day workshop for those who have, but wish to use their Reiki at a deeper level with animals.

By the end of the course you will have learnt the five main elements to Japanese Reiki:-

  • Japanese energy meditations to strengthen and clear your energy
  • Reiki precepts to deepen your spiritual connection and how animals teach us how to live them
  • A better understanding of internal and external energy
  • Ability to use Reiki on yourself, your animals and others
  • Experience 4 attunements / reiju

Energy (Ki) is something that cannot really be understood until you have experienced it. There are lots of books that go someway to explaining this, such as the Japanese Art of Reiki. However, the only real way to understand it is to experience and understand it from within. The effect it can have on animals is truly remarkable, allowing you to join them in the present moment and develop a shared healing space.

All our courses help you learn by your own experiences. Your two days will be filled with practical exercises giving you the opportunity to really feel and work with this amazing energy.  Once you have felt the energy yourself, you will learn how to share it with a range of animals. Japanese energy meditations will be practiced with the animals to build on this learning.

Full hands on treatments for self and others will be given and received, and there will also be many practical exercises with animals to build even further on the experiences of those attending the two days. Learning this way will help you gain an inner understanding of Reiki and yourself.

Healing is about creating balance, bringing heart and mind into harmony. By doing so, you begin to really connect with your true self and your animal. Starting out on the path to spiritual enlightenment, which is what Reiki was, and still is, all about.

Benefits to learning Shoden Animal Reiki

• Improved sense of self worth
• Learning to relax through shared meditations with your animal
• Beginning to find that inner peace and connect deeply with animals
• Improved understanding of energy work
• More compassion for yourself, your animal and others
• Healing techniques for your animals and others
• Energy releases, both physical and emotional
• Knowledge of the system of Reiki and how it relates to animals
• Joining a Reiki community
• Continued learning
• Daily spiritual practice

Reiki Style & Lineage
This two-day course is based on the traditional Japanese form of Reiki and the teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho.

You will be provided with a certificate upon completion of the course.

Ongoing Support & Advice
Practising Reiki this way is a journey, and a journey that will need support and understanding along the way. We would, if you will allow us, like to be a part of that journey and not just at the beginning. Providing ongoing support to our students is important us.
We are available for any questions or support face to face, by phone, via our student forum or if you would prefer by email.

We provide continued learning with Reiki shares and Reiki workshops.