Chakra Balancing

There are many ways of cleansing and balancing chakras. The most common methods are visualisation, meditation and crystals.Pebbles_XSmall.jpg

Visualisation is great way to cleanse or balance Chakras.  However, for some people this can prove difficult.  Using meditation CDs such as ‘The Little Chakra Meditation Album’ are great place to start. This particular meditation CD walks you through the visualisation, helping you to focus on each chakra, while playing some beautiful background music. There are many other meditation CDs available.

If you find it fairly easy to visualise, then try this shower method.  You can use this method during a shower in the morning, but it can be used anytime and you don’t even have to be in the shower.

Stand with your back to the shower, close your eyes and tip your head back.  The water should gently hit your Crown Chakra and run down your back.  Visualise the water from the shower to be golden white light entering through your head (Crown Chakra), see this light filling your body from your toes, up your legs, into your stomach, to your shoulders, down your arms, right to your finger tips, then finally filling your head until it overflows around your body.  This can be a highly effective method of increasing energy, if you are meditating in the evening or before bedtime relaxation meditations would be more suitable.

If you have a had a really hard day or week, then you can follow the same visualisation method as above.  However, visualise your heels opening up like trap doors and visualise the golden light pouring through from the top of your head and out of your heels.  This is to represent all the negativity or darkness pouring out, so imagine this light pouring from your heels as dirty dishwater, wait until the light becomes golden white and then see your heels closing close up and let your body fill up with the golden light as above.


Meditation_XSmall.jpgIf you are used to meditating, then you can use meditation for cleansing your Chakras.  Meditation is about connecting with your inner self,  becoming aware of the inner dialogue and slowly clearing the mind of the troubles of the day, dealing with any emotional issues you may have. It is the emotional issues that cause blockages in the Chakras, so if you are able to deal with the emotions through meditation then this will help to clear the blockages within your Chakras.

If you are not used to or have never meditated before, we offer meditation classes, workshops and one to one tuition.

Crystals for Chakra Balancing

Crystals are an ideal way to balance chakras.  You can either buy a set of chakra crystalChakra_Balancing_XSmall.jpg which are a set of crystals, with one relating to each chakra, or use individual crystals.  If you have a set of Chakra crystals then the method is easy.  You may require assistance with this, as it will be difficult to place the crystals by yourself.  You quite simply place the relevant crystals on each chakra.

You can either relax with or without your eyes closed, just allow the crystals to work. You can ask the crystals for their assistance in cleansing your Chakras, or you can visualise golden white light entering each of the crystals starting at the top and working your way down.  If you are going to use individual crystals that you have bought then please see our Chakra article to help you to identify the right crystals for each Chakra.

If you are aware which of your Chakras is out of balance then you can use Quartz crystals to help you clear any blockage.  This can be more difficult as you will have to be aware of your feelings and emotions and have a good understanding of Chakra energies.  See our Chakra table for more information about Chakras and associated emotions.  Alternatively, you could try placing your hand above each Chakra with your eyes closed to see if you can feel the energy flowing, you then might be able to identify which one is not flowing correctly.  If more than one Chakra is out of balance, then this can be extremely difficult especially for the first time.  One good way to learn the energy of each Chakra is to use your hands before and after the visualisation method, make a note of how each Chakra feels before and after.  See if you can tell the difference.

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