Choosing a Crystal

There are so many crystals available it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. There are a number of ways to choose which type of crystal to buy such as choosing one of your birthstones or finding a crystal with properties which will help to alleviate any symptoms or problems you are suffering from. For example, Citrine is a calming stone and can help to overcome depression, phobias and fears.

Once you have decided which type of crystal to buy it is best to listen to your intuition and simply allow yourself to be drawn to a particular crystal. If you are in a shop then you can do this by closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths then opening your eyes and seeing where you are drawn to. If you cannot decide exactly which type of crystal to buy then you can also use your intuition to do this. Just allow yourself to be drawn to a particular stone. It can be quite surprising how suitable the stone is once you read the meaning of it.

If you are buying from the internet i.e. from our website, then this can be a little more tricky. First of all, find a website you feel comfortable with, browse through the pictures of the various crystals and pay attention to how you feel. You may find yourself excited by a picture of a particular crystal, or have an overwhelming urge to touch it. If this is the case then this is your crystal.

You might also find that this is not the right time to buy a crystal. You may see many crystals that look nice but none that you are particularly drawn to. In this situation we would suggest that you do not buy one.

Sometimes this is difficult as once we have decided to buy something we want to get it straight away. Please do not buy in this frame of mind, as it is likely you will then receive a crystal that you do not feel is right for you. Instead try to accept that the time is not right, bookmark the internet page and come back on another day.