Early on this year I was contacted by a lovely lady who attends our monthly Reiki share. Denise asked if I would mind being interviewed about our Reiki shares as she was keen to write an article for the International Centre of Reiki magazine. We subscribe to this magazine, and it has some very interesting articles so of course, I was happy to.

We arranged a time to meet and Denise asked me lots of questions. Days later Denise emailed the article over to me to review and asked for my thoughts. I began reading it and suddenly realised that it was not what I expected at all.  It was a very personal story of Denise’s reasons for attending the Reiki share and how it was such a big challenge for her to do so.

As I began to read what Denise had written, I realised how it really summed up Reiki.

Reiki is not only a fantastic healing practice to help us through challenging phases in our lives, but it also puts the challenges before us. It brings what is buried deep within us to the surface, although at times this doesn’t feel very nice. But as we face the challenges Reiki brings, it will help us to flush away and resolve issues for good, rather than bury them back down.

I remember very clearly the day I met Denise at the Reiki share. The energy I felt from Denise was full of so many mixed emotions, from sadness to complete joy. The emotion being released was uncontrollable for Denise, but she was able to go through this process in a very loving and caring environment, which is a huge credit to everyone who attended the Reiki share that day.

Reiki is a beautiful thing, and we can come into Reiki for many reasons, including some very personal reasons such as those which Denise explains within this article, but once we start this journey of self healing, it takes patience, stamina and strength.

There will be many people who have learnt Reiki who will say ‘Reiki is amazing it has changed my life’.  However, there will be just as many who say they didn’t like how Reiki made them feel, they didn’t like the lows or the emotional releases. If you are one of these people, then please begin using your Reiki again.  Put your trust in the Reiki energy and it will help you.  If you feel you can’t face it on your own, then find a local Reiki share that is full of love and support just as Denise did. It will change your life!!

What this article also reminds us of, is that we just never know!  Although I could feel the energy coming from Denise and had an empathic understanding of the emotions she was experiencing (and feeling the urge to help her with it all), I would have never have known quite how difficult it was for Denise to attend that day if it wasn’t for this article.

After that Reiki share Denise began to realise the importance of self-healing and regularly attending a Reiki share. When Denise had attended a couple of times, I offered support to Denise with a one to one Reiki session and this sealed it for Denise I think.

Reiki is a constant evolving path of personal development. It is important to practice self-healing daily. It is also extremely helpful to get additional practice by using Reiki on others (or attending a supportive Reiki share). Finally, when we need it, we should also receive Reiki from another practitioner. One we feel comfortable with to help us through those difficult stages that Reiki can bring to the surface. It is not easy, but the results can be staggering.

I didn’t know Denise until that particular Reiki share and I am honoured to have met her, but I am even more privileged to watch this lovely lady grow and blossom with the love and support of Reiki.

Thank you to Denise for taking the time to write this article.

Please feel free to download and read at your leisure.


You can also subscribe to Reiki magazine, it has quite fascinating articles in each issue written by people such as Denise.