Crystal Formations

Crystals can come in many different shapes and sizes and this can have an effect on the healing qualities. Below are descriptions of some of the different shapes available:-

Clusters consist of a group of small crystals that have grown naturally joined together. Clusters can be excellent for enriching a living environment or workplace. Depending upon their properties they can cleanse, invigorate or calm an atmosphere.

Cut crystals
Cut crystals are crystals that have been cut and polished into shapes such as pyramids, wands, eggs or spheres, which can make them very attractive. If they are well cut the energy of the stone can be maintained and sometimes amplified.

Double terminated wands
These have definite points at both ends, some are natural and some are artificially shaped. A double terminated wand can concentrate energy or absorb energy at both ends simultaneously.

Geodes and Druses
Geodes are contained in an outer layer of rock. A geode is hollow when opened and will contain many crystals pointing inwards. In the case of a very large hollow the crystal will be referred to as a druse. Geodes are good for protection and spiritual growth. Geodes and druses radiate very powerfully and can be used to adjust the climate in a room or absorb negative energies from the environment.

Rough Stones
A rough stone is one that is left in its natural state. Although these are not always as aesthetically pleasing as polished stones they can be far more effective.

Single terminated wands
These have a single point at one end and usually a rounded edge at the other. They are used widely in healing, cleansing and in meditation. The rounded end can also be used for massage and reflexology.

Tumblestones are small crystals that have been tumbled over each other many times with increasingly finer abrasive until the sides become smooth and shiny. Many people like to carry a tumblestones around in their pocket to keep the energy of the stone with them throughout the day.

Vogel wands
These have points at each and are narrower at one end. The narrow end is the male point and the wider end is female point. Vogel’s can be used to project energy into an energy system by rotating clockwise or to draw negative energy out of an energetic system by rotating anti-clockwise. Energy does flow through Vogel wands very fast, this is due to the spiralling effect when the crystal has been formed.

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