Ametrine is a powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It is a potent cleansing crystal which can disperse toxins from the body and negativity from the aura. It has a number of physical benefits helping to cleanse the metabolism and regenerate the body.

Physically Ametrine is excellent at cleansing and regenerating the body. It can strengthen the immune system and aids the autonomic nervous system. Ametrine can help in stress related diseases, tension headaches, ulcers, fatigue, depression and gastric disturbances.

Mentally Ametrine can inspire creativity, bring in clarity and strengthen concentration. Ametrine can help improve control by balancing the mind and harmonizing perception and actions.

Emotionally Ametrine brings about the release of blockages and negativity. Ametrine can enable a feeling of wellbeing by encouraging optimism and brings harmony even in situations of external stress.

Spiritually Ametrine protects against psychic attack and can assist and protect during astral travel. Ametrine calms the mind enabling greater focus in meditation. Ametrine can also promote healing and divination.