Angelite is a variety of Anhydrite.  It is a peaceful and calming stone.   It is said to enable contact with the Angels and enhance telepathy.  It is a powerful healing stone and gives protection to the body and the environment.  Angelite is known to resonate with the throat chakra.  It is described as a stone of truth especially as it helps its owner to speak truthfully.  Angelite can help to rid anger and fear and also promotes forgiveness.   It can clear any blockages in the meridians and energy pathways.   Caution, Angelite is a soft mineral which cannot be immersed in water.

Physically Angelite is a soothing stone and can ease inflammation and can also cool sunburn.   It is particularly helpful for sore throats and stabilises the thyroid and parathyroid glands.  It is beneficial for the circulatory system and can help to regenerate and renew blood vessels.

Mentally and Emotionally Angelite is a powerful healing stone.  It can provide protection for both its owner and their environment.  It aid self expression and communication with others and teaches us to be compassionate but truthful.  It can banish negative emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety.  It encourages peace and tranquillity.

Spiritually Angelite is believed to aid communication with angels and spirit guides.  It can help us connect with our higher selves and enhances psychic healing and intuition.  It can also be used to assist with astral travel.

Chakra: Throat Chakra