Apache Tears are a type of Obsidian and carry many of the same qualities of Black Obsidian.  It looks opaque but is revealed to be translucent when held up to light.  It is a powerful protective stone and can be carried to protect against all negative influences, including its owner’s negative emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy and resentment.  An Apache Tear will help to remove and transmute any negative energy.

Apache Tears are grounding and can help ground spiritual encounters into the physical.  They can help to connect with nature and keep their owner balanced.  Apache Tears can help in times of grief or sorrow.  They will not eradicate the grief but will help to keep perspective, accept the grief and also have a soothing, calming effect.  Physically, Apache Tears can help detoxification of the body, improve the immune system, calm muscle spasms and help the body to absorb vitamins C and D.

Physically Obsidian can improve the circulation and aid the veins and the skeleton.  It can reduce the pain of arthritis, injuries, cramps and other joint problems.  Obsidian is a great stone for detoxification and can help physical digestion.

Mentally and Emotionally Obsidian can help to expand the awareness, help to change narrow mindedness and is an excellent aid for self – control.  It enables clear thinking, dispels confusion, promotes compassion and creativity and alleviates mental stress and anxieties.  Obsidian is an excellent stone for bringing imbalances to the surface so that the properties of other stones can help to clear away those imbalances but please see above and use with caution.

Spiritually Obsidian can clear the environment of negative influences, help to guard against psychic attacks and will stimulate personal growth on many different levels.

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