Aqua Quartz is a strong, yet gentle healing and cleansing stone.  In paAqua_Quartz_v1.jpgrticular it is helpful in cleansing the aura and releasing stress.  It also has protective properties which will help against psychic or psychological attack.  Aqua Quartz has an activating effect on all chakras and is especially helpful to the throat chakra as it encourages communication.  It can aid and enhance meditation as it provides peace and aids clarity and intuition.  Used with any other crystal it can intensify healing energies.

Physically Aqua Quartz aids the immune system, circulatory system and is also helpful to the spine, bones, eyes, sinuses and ears.

Mentally and Emotionally Aqua Quartz is excellent for reducing stress.  It can free us from limitations, calms the emotions and provides reassurance.

Spiritually Aqua Quartz is an excellent stone for crystal healing due to its ability to enhance the healing properties of other stones.  It is a fantastic aid for meditation as it encourages deep breathing.