Aquamarine is an all purpose healing stone.  It is strength giving and imparts courage on its owner.  It is an excellent stone to help develop and enhance communication skills as it stimulates and cleanses the throat chakra.  Aquamarine is therefore great for those who have careers in public speaking or singing.  It is calming and quietening to the mind and is great for easing stress, nervous tension and anxiety.  Aquamarine has an empathy with sensitive people and can help those who feel weighed down by responsibilities.  Aquamarine can treat all manners of disorders and disease, whether physiological, psychological or spiritual.

Physically Aquamarine is believed to be useful for helping sore throats, swollen glands and any problems with the thyroid.  It can regulate hormones and helps the pituitary and thyroid glands synchronise.  It is also beneficial for the eyes, teeth, stomach and is helpful for allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Mentally and Emotionally Aquamarine is a very calming stone, which can increase our overall feeling of wellbeing.  It can help to clear confusion and bring clarity of thinking.  This makes it a great stone to assist in studying and taking exams. It also improves creativity, aids artistic flair and increases feelings of trust and harmony making it a perfect stone for harmonious marriages and relationships.

Spiritually Aquamarine can increase our spiritual and psychic awareness.  It can be helpful for mediumship and soul rescue work.   Aquamarine encourages purification of our inner selves and its ability to quieten the mind means it is great for aiding meditation.

Birthstone: March October

Zodiac signs: Pisces Gemini

Chakra: Throat Chakra