Black Onyx is a very supportive and strength giving stone. It has a calming effect, grounding and centring the wearer, while having a number of effects on a physical level. Onyx can help with self awareness and improve self confidence and can have a balancing effect on the body.

Physically Onyx can improve the sensory and motor nervous system. It can help with diseases of the ear and sharpen hearing. It can improve the immune system and can assist the body to absorb universal energies which are essential for healing. Onyx is also of assistance to teeth, bones, the feet and blood disorders.

Mentally Onyx can provide support in situations of immense stress. This stone encourages stamina, drive, strength and determination. It helps to learn lessons, increasing self confidence and improves the ability to be assertive. Onyx can also aid concentration and encourages realistic views.

Emotionally Onyx can help to ease fears and worries. It helps to encourage a more stable way of life and helps our self confidence and sense of responsibility.

Spiritually Onyx can help to ease old grief and sorrows. Onyx can assist grounding as it concentrates energy while also having a cleansing effect. Onyx is a popular stone for psychometry as it is said to hold the memories of events which have happened to the wearer.

Birthstone: February

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn Leo