Bloodstone is a combination of Chalcedony and Jasper.  It can also be known as Heliotrope and historically may have been referred to as Blood Jasper.  Bloodstone is an excellent protecting and grounding stone.  It can purify and cleanse the blood and detoxify the kidneys, liver and spleen.   Bloodstone can bestow courage, heighten the intuition and balance the lower chakras.  It is also a powerful healing stone.

Physically It aids the circulation, treats blood disorders and benefits all the blood rich organs.  It is said to be helpful in cases of Leukaemia due to its properties which benefit the blood and the immune system.    It is an excellent stone for the immune system as it aids the flow of lymph fluid.  It also has a detoxifying effect.  Bloodstone stimulates the metabolism and can revitalise the whole body.

Mentally and Emotionally Bloodstone can be calming and revitalising to the mind, especially in cases of extreme fatigue or lethargy.  It can help to reduce aggressiveness, frustration and irritability.  It is also helpful for decision making and clear, calm thinking.  Bloodstone is said to be known as the “stone of courage”.

Spiritually Bloodstone is a great protective stone, warding off negative energies and having a grounding effect on its owner.  Bloodstone is a very powerful stone which is often used for crystal healing.

Birthstone : February

Zodiac Signs: Aries

Chakra: Base