Blue Calcite is a gentle, soothing crystal ideal for periods of recovery and recuperation.  It is also believed to aid relaxation.  Blue Calcite can help to lower blood pressure and reduce physical pain.  Blue Calcite releases negative emotions and aids clear communication, especially when placed near the throat chakra.  Blue Calcite can calm the nerves, relieving anxiety and emotional stress.   It has the generic properties of Calcite but additional properties associated with its colour.

Physically Calcite can help skin and intestinal complaints such as IBS.  Calcite improves the immune system and stimulates the metabolism.  Calcite can strengthen the heart, encourages blood clotting and healing of tissue and bone.

Mentally Calcite can improve motivation.  It can heighten drive and energy, calm the mind and improve memory.  It is a helpful stone for aiding study.

Emotionally Calcite can increase emotional intelligence.  It also can ease emotional stress and helps to bring tranquillity and peacefulness.

Spiritually Calcite can help to quieten the mind aiding meditation.  Calcite can cleanse negative energies and can help to shift stagnant energy.  This stone can enhance psychic awareness and accelerate spiritual development.

Chakra: Throat