Chrysoprase is a powerful but calming and balancing stone.  It is known to induce deep meditative states.  It encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships and is thought to manifest happiness, abundance, harmony and contentment.  Chrysoprase can expel negative emotions such as greed, selfishness and carelessness.  It can also put an end to, and prevent recurring nightmares for children and adults.

Physically Chrysoprase is strong detoxifying crystal that helps stimulates liver function and works on gout, eye problems, mental illness and skin conditions.  It is also said to help balance hormones and stimulate fertility in women.  It is believed to enable a reversal of infertility caused by infection.

Spiritually Chrysoprase is great for the heart and sacral chakras.   It is ideal for meditation as it can bring about a deep meditative state.
Mentally Chrysoprase creates openness to new situations by overcoming compulsive or impulsive thoughts and helps by turning these into positive thoughts instead.

Emotionally Chrysoprase brings security and trust and helps with co-dependency issues.  It supports independence whilst encouraging commitment in relationships.

Birthstones: May