Emerald is a calming, balancing stone which is great for relationships.  It is said to represent love and good fortune and will strengthen unity in partnerships and friendships.  It will open and stimulate the heart chakra and can be used to clear negative energies.  It is also believed to be a powerful stone for the mind and will bring physical, mental and emotional balance.   Caution, do not use this stone continuously as it is said to trigger negative emotions in such cases.

Physically Emerald is said to clear depression, help those who suffer from insomnia to sleep and have peaceful dreams.  It also aids the circulatory and respiratory systems, helps recovery from contagious illnesses and eases rheumatism and diabetes. It is believed to prevent complications in childbirth and help to keep epilepsy at bay.

Mentally and Emotionally Emerald bestows love, insight and wisdom.  It can provide the resolve to overcome misfortunes and adversity.  It is said to be a stone of regeneration and should be used during times of change and transition.  It can heal negative emotions, provide inspiration and boost mental clarity, memory and intelligence.

Spiritually Emerald resonates with the heart chakra.  It can be used to dispel negative energies and enhance psychic abilities, intuition and clairvoyance.

Birthstones: May

Zodiac Signs: Taurus Cancer

Chakra: Heart