Epidote is a grounding stone with intense healing properties.  It is excellent for crystal healing, spiritual growth and encourages physical regeneration.

Physically Epidote is a stone which promotes recovery and regeneration, particularly after severe illnesses, stress, painful experiences or immense exhaustion.   It also strengthens and encourages regeneration of the physical body.  It stimulates the immune system and aids all physical healing processes.  It stimulates the immune system, liver, and can improve the digestive process and helps nutrients absorb into the bloodstream.

Mentally and Emotionally Epidote is a powerful healing stone.  It is able to diffuse sadness, sorrow, self pity and grief.  It can help us to admit and accept our weaknesses and also shows the strengths of our true self image.  It boosts intelligence and insight and promotes patience.

Spiritually Epidote develops emotional and spiritual growth as it can dissolve blockages that interfere with natural balance, cleanses the aura and removes resistance to spiritual awakening.  This stone is great for crystal healing as it dispels negative energies and emotions.