Fluorite is good for absorbing and neutralising negative energy and stress.  It is thought to be effective at shielding against computer and electromagnetic emanations.  It cleanses and stabilises the aura, can increase concentration, self confidence and be helpful in decision making.  It is a stone that encourages positivity and balances energies.

Physically Fluorite is beneficial to the immune system, stimulating the regeneration of cells; particularly the skin and respiratory systems.  It can accelerate the repairs of ulcers and wounds and strengthen bone tissue.   Fluorite can ease the discomfort of nerve related pain and in particular ease the pain of rheumatism, arthritis and spinal injuries.  It is believed to be a powerful healer and is reputed to be good for fending off colds and flu.

Mentally and Emotionally Fluorite can enable us to conquer disorganisation.  It is great for learning and will also boost concentration and focus.  Fluorite bestows emotional stability, reduces stress, increases self-confidence and dispels confusion.  Fluorite also helps us to stay neutral and unbiased when making decisions.

Spiritually Fluorite is great for cleansing the aura and can be used with other stones to intensify their properties.  It can be used to protect against negativity and environmental, geopathic and electromagnetic stress.  Fluorite is an extremely protective stone particularly against the undesirable influences of others.

Different colours of Fluorite have additional healing properties; Green Fluorite brings hormones into balance and can energise and calm the heart and mind.  Blue Fluorite can help calm the emotions bringing inner peace and Purple Fluorite aids intuition, can increase mystical visions and helps bring spiritual balance.  Rainbow Fluorite will usually include all these colours and therefore has all the additional healing properties associated with each colour.

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