Hematite is a quietening, calming and grounding stone. Is also has protective qualities. It can dispel negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura.

Hematite can help circulatory problems, in particular Reynaud’s Disease. It can also be useful in cases of anaemia, helping the body to absorb iron into the small intestine and form red blood cells. It can help the kidneys to cleanse the blood and also renews body tissues. However, Hematite should not be used in places of inflammation for long periods of time.

Mentally Hematite has a calming and quieting effect on the mind. It can be helpful for problem solving as it assists focus and concentration. Hematite can aid the survival instinct by drawing awareness to basic needs and physical wellbeing.

Emotionally Hematite has a strengthening effect, boosting self esteem and survival instinct. Haematite can increase dependability and improve confidence. Hematite can also help to overcome addictions and overindulgences such as smoking and overeating as it can strengthen the willpower.

Spiritually Hematite is a protective and grounding stone. It has a harmonizing effect on mind, body and spirit and can also have a balancing effect on the meridians. Hematite can be used during astral travel as it protects the soul and grounds it into the body. Hematite is also useful for preventing negative energies from entering the aura and can dispel negativity.