Iolite is a gentle spiritual stone.  It aids connection to the spiritual realm, awakens inner knowing and enhances intuition.  It can bring harmony to relationships and helps to gain financial independence and is great for combating addictions, particularly alcoholism.

Physically Iolite can aid liver function and regeneration.  It can assist detoxification and is therefore helpful in overcoming additions such as alcoholism.  It is also good for the respiratory system and sinuses.  It can help to treat malaria, fevers and relieve migraines.  Iolite is said to offer physical protection from disease.

Mentally and Emotionally Iolite can help to free relationships from conflict, bring peace to the inner self and harmonise emotions.  It can boost leadership qualities and improve inner strength and self confidence.  Iolite is also believed to help accept financial responsibilities and therefore, assume financial independence.   In helping to combat additions Iolite can help to understand the causes of those addictions.

Spiritually Iolite is said to help the connection to the spirit world.  It can induce 3rd eye visions, facilitate natural psychic abilities, awaken inner knowing and enhance intuition.  It is also believed to help balance feminine and masculine energies and re-energise the aura.