Jade is a calming, soothing stone which is also considered in some cultures to be lucky.  Jade is a loving, nurturing stone which is connected to the heart chakra.  It is believed to have protective properties and will protect its owner from harm.  Jade is reputed to attract harmony, clarity, justice, wisdom, wealth and modesty.  It is also known as the dream stone.

Physically Jade can aid the kidneys and the bladder.  It is helpful to the digestive system, can increase fertility, aid in childbirth, treat any problems with the eyes and is said to be able to relieve pain from back problems.   It is also believed to treat illness in children.

Mentally and Emotionally Jade can assist in the release of negative emotions, particularly irritability.  It can reduce stress and tension and is great for providing emotional balance.  It can offer positive energy and emotional balance and also helps in the attainment of goals and ambitions.  Jade will also offer support in all matters of love and relationships.

Spiritually Jade is connected to the heart chakra and is said to have positive effects on all matters related to the heart chakra.  Jade is said to help interpret and understand dreams while also providing the ability to take control of those dreams.  It is believed to enable self recognition, awaken inner knowledge and provide insight.

Birthstones: August

Zodiac Signs: Libra

Chakra: Heart