Kyanite is a calming, balancing, tranquil stone which can clear energy blockages.  It is a self cleansing stone, which does not pick up or accumulate negative energies.  Kyanite carries a soft, gentle energy which attracts and helps to connect to light beings such as angels and spirit guides.  It can encourage psychic abilities, boosts telepathy and aids communication with the spirit realm.

Physically Kyanite problems of the throat, muscles and brain.  It can help to remedy infections and lower blood pressure.  It is also said to aid the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. Kyanite is believed to be a natural pain reliever and can boost the immune system.

Mentally and Emotionally Kyanite can repel negative emotions such as anger, frustration, confusion and stress.  It is great for clear communication as it is connected with and opens the throat chakra and is also able to assist clear thinking.  It will encourage self expression and strengthen communication.  Kyanite can bring healing to past relationships and love to existing or future contacts.

Spiritually Kyanite is a stone of spiritual maturity and honesty.  It is wonderful for meditation and tuning into spiritual energy.  It can restore energy, align the chakras and all layers of the aura.  It promotes healing dreams and can also aid dream recall, understanding and interpreting dreams.