Labradorite is traditionally thought to bring good luck. It is a grounding and centering stone and is believed to provide strength, determination and intuition in times of change or conflict.

Physically Labradorite is said to be helpful in treating eye and brain disorders, easing stress, balancing hormones and alleviating Pre-Menstrual Tension. It can also help the digestive process and assist weight loss by regulating the metabolism.

Mentally and Emotionally Labradorite can alleviate negative emotions such as anxiety, hopelessness, depression and is said to banish negativity as it reveals power games and humbles egos.  It has a calming effect on the mind but stimulates creativity and the imagination. It increases patience, focus and concentration and is a great stone for building self esteem.

Spiritually Labradorite brings wisdom and stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. Labradorite encourages true self expression and also improves the ability to work together with others.