Lapis Lazuli can be linked to balance, truth and justice. It is a powerful protective stone and is able to bring the rapid release of stresses and worries enabling peacefulness. Lapis Lazuli can also bring harmony to the physical, mental and emotional elements.

Physically Lapis Lazuli can help to ease pain, it can alleviate headaches and migraines in particular. It can help the nervous and respiratory systems, cleanse the organs and purify the blood. Lapis Lazuli can also support the immune system, lower the blood pressure and can heal problems affecting the neck, throat, thyroid, larynx and vocal chords.

Lapis Lazuli can allow self-expression and also encourage self-awareness. It can bring clarity and objectivity and help to confront and accept the truth.

Emotionally Lapis Lazuli can help in expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions. It can bond relationships of love and friendship, dissolve cruelty and ease suffering. Lapis Lazuli can also ease conflict.

Spiritually Lapis Lazuli can balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and can give a deep inner self-knowledge. It promotes inner truth, self awareness and permits self-expression. Lapis Lazuli can recognise and block psychic attacks. If repressed anger or rage causes difficulties in communication or problems with the throat Lapis Lazuli can assist.

Birthstones: September

Zodiac Signs: Aries Virgo Capricorn

Chakra: Third Eye – Brow