Lepidolite is excellent for clearing negativity, clearing blockages and is very useful in the reduction of stress and depression.  It is great for absorbing electromagnetic pollution from computers.  It is a calming stone which is helpful for stabilising mood swings, soothing sleep disturbances and emotional stress.  Lepidolite can help to release and re-organise old behavioural patterns and can gently induce change

Physically Lepidolite can strengthen the immune system, relieve exhaustion, numb neuralgia and sciatica and assist any other joint problems.

Mentally and Emotionally Lepidolite can assist in cases of bipolar disorder as it is fantastic for stabilising and balancing the emotions.  It alleviates stress and is great for depression.  Lepidolite encourages independence and guards from undesirable influences.  It can also help break detrimental behaviours and can therefore be helpful in overcoming additions.

Spiritually Lepidolite can clear blockages from the throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras, aid meditation and astral travel.

Chakra: Crown