Mahogany Obsidian is Obsidian that includes Iron.  It is a gentler stone than Black Obsidian but it still has a grounding, protective effect and will guard against negative energy.   It can balance and strengthen a fragile aura and will align the sacral and solar plexus chakras.  Mahogany Obsidian is said to assist in decision making and alleviate tension.

Physically Obsidian can improve the circulation and aid the veins and the skeleton.  It can reduce the pain of arthritis, injuries, cramps and other joint problems.  Obsidian is a great stone for detoxification and can help physical digestion.

Mentally and Emotionally Obsidian can help to expand the awareness and help to change narrow mindedness. It can aid clear thinking, dispel confusion, promotes compassion and creativity and alleviates mental stress and anxieties.  Obsidian is an excellent stone for bringing imbalances to the surface so that the properties of other stones can help to clear away those imbalances but please see above and use with caution.

Spiritually Obsidian can clear the environment of negative influences, help to guard against psychic attacks and will stimulate personal growth on many different levels.