Muscovite is a highly spiritual stone which can stimulate and enhance awareness of the higher self.  It boosts intuition, psychic visions and can provide a strong connection with higher spiritual planes. Muscovite is excellent for dealing with major life changes and can dispel negative emotions.

Physically Muscovite can treat headaches, dizziness, insomnia and vertigo.  It can stabilise and control blood sugar as it is of assistance to the pancreas.  It can help to cope with hunger during times of fasting, restore hydration of the body and can also assist and heal disease related conditions and allergies.

Mentally and Emotionally Muscovite enables us to recognise and accept the flaws of humankind and ourselves and inspires unconditional love of both.  It helps us to see our flaws and provides the ability to transform those flaws.  It is an optimistic stone and boosts self confidence.  It will dismiss negative emotions such as insecurity, anger, nervousness, stress and will help to look forward to the future.

Spiritually Muscovite is said to be an Angelic stone which allows us to connect with the highest spiritual realms and enhances communication.  It is of assistance in scrying and astral travel and will stimulate and open the heart chakra.

Chakra: Heart