Nebula is a unique and powerful grounding stone, although it has a gentle loving energy.  It can aid spiritual growth.  Nebula is an excellent stone for dealing with and overcoming additions and has great healing properties.   Nebula was only discovered in 1995 and its properties are still being investigated.

Physically Nebula is purifying and is helpful for detoxification following substance abuse, this makes it an ideal stone for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.  It promotes the release of toxins from all organs and body tissue.  Nebula is a stone which can boost fertility in women, treat cystitis and cleanse the kidneys.

Mentally and Emotionally Nebula can help personal growth by releasing any emotional behaviours and patterns that are inhibiting to this.   It can release fear and boost self esteem.  It increases vitality, fosters a cheerful outlook and encourages mental stimulation.  It is a useful stone to have in times of great stress, disaster, confusion and distress.  This is because Nebula helps to reflect positivity and encourages being kind to yourself.  Nebula can also assist recollections of memories.

Spiritually Nebula aids the accomplishment of spiritual goals.  Nebula is an excellent stone to aid meditation and to “gaze” into a Nebula stone is said to be like looking into the beginning of the cosmos and will remind us where we have come from and where we will return.