Obsidian can be found in many different forms. Snowflake Obsidian is a grounding, calming and soothing stone which can teach the value of mistakes as well as successes. It is a stone of purity, and provides balance for body, mind and spirit.

Snowflake Obsidian specifically can improve the circulation and aid the veins and the skeleton. Obsidian can reduce the pain of arthritis, injuries, cramps and other joint problems. Obsidian is a great stone for detoxification and can help physical digestion.

Mentally Snowflake Obsidian can help to release stressful mental patterns and negative thinking. Obsidian can help to expand the awareness and helps to change narrow mindedness.

Emotionally Obsidian is an excellent stone for bringing imbalances to the surface so that the properties of other stones can help to clear away those imbalances.

Spiritually Snowflake Obsidian can support inner centering. It is helpful for meditation as it shows that feelings of isolation can become empowering. Obsidian can clear the environment of negative influences and helps to guard against psychic attacks.