Opal is a sensitive and spiritual stone.  It is a favourite stone for development of psychic abilities and can also enhance work with dreams, aid spiritual journeys and open the 3rd eye.  Opal has some excellent properties but please do not use or carry Opal if you are feeling down, pessimistic or negative in any way as this stone can reflect moods and manifest beliefs.  Opal will however, beam out positive thoughts if you are feeling cheerful and optimistic.

Physically Opal is great for strengthening the immune system, assisting the body to become more resistant to infection.  Opal treats Parkinson’s disease, infections, fevers, it can regulate insulin and the metabolism and also ease pain in childbirth.  It is also effective in easing Pre-Menstrual Tension.

Mentally and Emotionally Opal can aid inventiveness and creativity.  It also helps self expression.  Opal can help to let go of inhibitions, promote freedom and independence and enhance the imagination.  Historically Opal has been linked to love, ardour and longing.  It is a stone which will convey a light hearted cheerful attitude and can strengthen sense of self worth.  It encourages faithfulness, fidelity and confidence.

Spiritually Opal has the potential to enhance psychic powers, dreamwork and assist on spiritual journeys.  It is soothing and calming to the throat chakra and can encourage telepathic interaction.   Opal is also a stone of karma showing that what we give out we get in return.

Birthstone: June

Zodiac Signs: Libra