Picture Jasper is believed to possess messages or pictures from the past for those who can read it.  It brings feelings and emotions of grief, guilt, fears, envy, hatred, love and hope to the surface to be released, especially if they have been pushed aside.

Picture Jasper is a quiet, calming and grounding stone.  It brings comfort and alleviates any fears.  Picture Jasper is said to promote environmental awareness, consciousness of and responsibility for the earth. Physically Picture Jasper is said to assist cleansing of the kidneys and stimulate the immune system.

Physically Jasper is good for the circulatory and digestive systems.  It also aids the sexual organs, supports during prolonged illnesses and aids recovery and repair.

Mentally and Emotionally Jasper can aid the ability to “think on your feet”.  It can help improve organisational skills, transform ideas into action and provide the determination to see tasks through to completion.  Jasper can give the courage to deal with any problems effectively and assertively and provide tranquillity during stressful times.

Spiritually Jasper can align and balance the mental, physical and emotional bodies of the aura.  It provides protection and grounding, can facilitate astral travel and aid dream recall.