Red Jasper has a gentle grounding effect. It has properties which can cleanse and align chakras and is a useful stone to be placed near the base chakra. It is also gently activating to the functions of the body.

Physically Jasper stimulates the circulation and also supports the digestive and sexual organs. It can strengthen the blood cells and help to oxygenate the blood. Jasper can re-energise the body and therefore is able to provide support during lengthy illnesses.

Mentally Jasper can promote quick thinking and is a good stone for combating tiredness. It is also said to inspire creativity and imagination. Jasper can bestow courage to face unpleasant tasks and deal with them assertively. Jasper is also good for honesty and uprightness. Red Jasper in particular can help to pursue and accomplish goals with dedication.

Emotionally Red Jasper has a stabilising effect and is said to balance all the energy in the body. It can ease emotional stresses, give the courage to speak out and increase independence.

Spiritually Jasper is helpful for cleansing and aligning chakras. It can help to ground energies, has protective properties and can absorb negative energy. It can assist dream recall and can also aid dowsing. Jasper also has the ability to clear environmental and electromagnetic pollution.

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chakra: Base