Rhodoschrosite is a stone which inspires love and passion.  It is connected to and will open the heart chakra.  It is a cheerful stone which encourages positivity and optimism and is therefore great for dealing with loss, heartache, fear, insecurity and loneliness.    Rhodoschrosite also boosts intuitive thoughts and provides emotional stability.

Physically Rhodoschrosite is thought to be healing for the kidneys, reproductive system, any skin disorders, thyroid imbalance and intestinal problems.  It can regulate the pulse, stabilise blood pressure and is also said to restore poor eyesight.

Mentally and Emotionally Rhodoschrosite is helpful in dealing with negative emotions and soothing in times of emotional stress.  It is believed to stimulate creativity and is said to be a stone of love and helpful in coping with situations requiring forgiveness and trust.  It can calm and support in times of change while providing an optimistic perspective.

Spiritually Rhodoschrosite is beneficial to the heart chakra, can remove blockages and enhance intuition.