Rose Quartz is a member of the Quartz family and therefore carries the same broad characteristics as Clear Quartz but it has many additional properties and is a very important crystal for the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is most often associated with love and fertility and often referred to as the ‘love’ stone. Rose Quartz has an excellent calming influence.

Physically Rose Quartz is thought to be extremely powerful at boosting fertility and can also help to aid a healthy pregnancy as it is said to protect the mother and foetus from miscarriage. Rose Quartz can strengthen the heart and circulatory system and is able to reduce high blood pressure. It can aid the lungs and chest and is helpful for any problems relating to these areas. Rose Quartz can help to alleviate vertigo and is also able to assist the kidneys and the adrenals.

Mentally Rose Quartz releases its owner from worry. It helps to clear stored anger, resentment and jealousy and is said to stimulate the imagination and the intellect.

Emotionally Rose Quartz is excellent for aiding self-forgiveness and allowing acceptance of self. Rose Quartz can quite rapidly clear emotional stress, the effect can be quite intense and in these situations Rose Quartz should be balanced with grounding stones.

Rose Quartz opens the heart and can teach empathy and sensitivity. It promotes strength of heart, romance and the ability to love. It can restore harmony to existing relationships and encourages unconditional love. Rose Quartz can also provide comfort and reassurance, especially in times of grief.

To attract love Rose Quartz should be placed by the bed or in the relationship corner of a home (the relationship corner is the far right hand corner as you enter your front door).

Spiritually Rose Quartz is gently able clear negative energies and replace them with loving vibrations. Rose Quartz can enhance positive affirmations. Rose Quartz is excellent for healing work as it encourages the heart and heart chakra to open. Rose Quartz can also be helpful for dream recall and dream work.

Birthstone : January

Zodiac Signs: Pisces

Chakra: Heart