Ruby Fuchsite is recently discovered stone which combines the healing properties of both Ruby and Fuchsite.   It is a perfect stone for treating blockages of the heart chakra and will leave loving healing energies in place of the blockage.  It is a positive energising stone which is believed to help its owner to meet their soul mate.

Physically Ruby Fuchsite can treat repetitive strain injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome.  It can be helpful to the musculoskeletal system by increasing flexibility and aids alignment of the spine.  It is also of benefit to the heart, spleen, adrenal glands and circulation.

Mentally and Emotionally Ruby Fuchsite can help with all things related to love and relationships.  It promotes a happy positive state of mind and provides motivation to goals and ambitions and brings courage and wisdom.

Spiritually Ruby Fuchsite can develop psychic awareness, can awaken psychic abilities and can help to achieve a deep meditative state. It can also improve connection with the spirit world.  On a physical level