Sardonyx is a type of Chalcedony, it brings strength and protection, helps its owner to maintain integrity and encourages virtuous behaviour.  It is said to increase self confidence and willpower and is an uplifting stone which also helps to alleviate depression.   It can bring about joy which is transferred to others.  Sardonyx is believed to be effective or preventing crime and can be gridded around the house and garden to prevent break ins etc.

Physically Sardonyx will strengthen the immune system, heal lungs and bones and will also regulate all bodily fluids and the metabolism.  Sardonyx can also help to enhance the perception

Mentally and Emotionally Sardonyx is believed to be a stone, which will ensure happy and stable marriages or partnerships and will attract friendship and good fortune.  It is also a good aid for study as it helps the processing of information.

Spiritually Sardonyx provides protection from negative energies and undesirable influences.