Selenite is a calming and peaceful stone making it very useful in times of emotional stress.  It has a very fine vibration, which makes it an excellent stone for opening the crown chakra and accessing higher consciousness and guidance. A large piece of Selenite placed in a room can ensure peaceful surroundings.  It can also be gridded around the inside corners of a house to form a grid which will provide protection against    Selenite can clear uncertainty and enables us to see the bigger picture.  Selenite is a stone that should not need cleansing or charging.  Please note that Selenite should never be emerged in water as it is water-soluble and will dissolve.

Physically Selenite is best for healing at energetic levels but it can help to align the spine and guard against epileptic fits.  It can also be useful in aiding any healing treatments.

Mentally and Emotionally Selenite can assist clear thinking and help us to make correct judgments.

Spiritually Selenite is very helpful in aiding spiritual work or meditation.  Selenite is excellent for transmitting light and aids connection with our higher self. It can increase powers of telepathy and Selenite wands are powerful crystal healing tools, they can remove negativity from the aura and enhance the properties of other crystals.  Selenite can also be used for scrying.