Sodalite is a quietening and stabilising stone. It promotes calmness on all levels. It is logical and rational and has a balancing effect on the emotions and mental state. It is good for healing problems in communication and can help to end arguments and other disagreements.

Physically Sodalite is particularly good for cleansing the lymphatic system and organs and therefore is beneficial for and boosts the immune system. It can treat the throat, vocal chords and larynx. It is also a helpful stone for balancing the metabolism and relieving digestive disorders. Sodalite can help to reduce fevers and lower blood pressure.

Mentally Sodalite enables clarity of mind, it has a calming influence and allows acceptance of new information. It can enhance creativity and has a balancing effect on mental state.

Emotionally Sodalite can stabilise emotions, bringing emotional balance and a calming influence. It can help those who are defensive or oversensitive and boosts self-esteem, self-trust and self-acceptance. Sodalite can also help to release fears, phobias and guilt.

Spiritually Sodalite is good for psychic protection. It opens spiritual perception and promotes spiritual maturity. It develops awareness during meditation and can also deepen meditation as it is stimulating to the third eye. It can help the transmission of messages over vast distances. Sodalite bestows a desire for truth and makes it possible to remain true and stand up for beliefs. Sodalite can also clear electromagnetic smog and can be placed on a computer to block any harmful emissions.

Chakra: Third Eye – Brow