Tiger Iron is a strong and diverse stone.  It is also known as Mugglestone or Iron Tigers Eye.  Tiger Iron is a combination of Haematite, Red Jasper and Tigers Eye and therefore has the healing properties of all these stones.  It is a powerful, grounding stone which is connected to the sacral and root chakras and can intensify the properties of other stones.

Physically Tiger Iron is great for those suffering from exhaustion and fatigue and also from mental or emotional burnout.  It can provide physical energy and stamina and is beneficial for the blood, particularly balancing the red and white blood cell counts.  Tiger Iron can also increase muscle strength and aid vitamin B absorption.

Mentally and Emotionally Tiger Iron is an excellent provider of strength and vitality.  It can help acceptance of change and will provide the necessary energy to take action meaning that it is great for bringing ideas to life.  It is also known as a creative stone, which will encourage and will assist those with artistic temperaments.

Spiritually Tiger Iron is a powerful stone for the lower chakras and can stabilise the body’s energies bringing a calming and balancing effect.