Turquoise is a versatile and powerful healing stone which has the ability to absorb negative energies, purify and heal the body and is also able to balance and align all chakras.  It is connected, in particular, to the heart, throat and 3rd eye chakras.  It can increase confidence to speak easily and fluently in public and can also strengthen communication generally.

Physically Turquoise is known as a stone of purification and is also considered by crystal healers a Master Healing Stone.  It has a detoxifying effect, particularly on the liver.  It has anti-inflammatory effects and can ease cramps and pain.  It improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and boosts the immune system.  Turquoise can alleviate headaches and is also said to be helpful in treating rheumatism, gout, stomach problems and viruses.  Turquoise can help to soothe and heal sore throats.  It is believed to help the regeneration of body tissue and heal the whole body.

Mentally and Emotionally Turquoise is able to balance and align all chakras.  It is a powerful and protective stone and will dispel any negativity surrounding its owner.  It can be worn for protection against pollutants in the environment.  Turquoise is great for dealing with depression and exhaustion.  It stabilises moods, prevents panic attacks and promotes an inner calm.  It is great for communication and can increase confidenceregarding public speaking, alleviating any nervousness connected to this.  It is a great stone for which encourages love and friendship and can also attract prosperity and success.

Spiritually Turquoise is believed to open up the heart chakra enabling its owner to give and receive love, the throat chakra enabling stronger communications and the 3rd eye chakra, enhancing insight and meditation.

Birthstones: December

Zodiac sign: Pisces Sagittarius

Chakra: Throat