Unakite is a gentle but powerful stone. It has a calm and gentle energy. It can balance emotions with spirituality and provides grounding when required.

Physically Unakite is considered to be particularly beneficial in aiding a healthy pregnancy and also helpful in childbirth. It is beneficial for the heart, reproductive systems of both sexes and can aid the growth of skin, tissue and hair. It can aid recovery from major illnesses. Unakite can also aid healthy weight gain where necessary.

Mentally Unakite can enable an objective view of problems and accomplishments. Unakite allows restrictive behaviour and thinking patterns to be broken.

Emotionally Unakite can be helpful for dealing with issues of the past, especially those which are obstructing progress in the present or the future. Unakite can help to enhance feelings of self worth. It can also help to focus attention on the present helping to distance from past difficulties.

Spiritually Unakite can help to release any conditions hindering spiritual and psychological growth. It can open the third eye and promote visualisation and psychic visions. Unakite can be useful for grounding following meditation or psychic work. It can also be used for scrying.