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Mother and Baby Hands, Fertility, Pregnancy & Beyond

All of these times can be challenging in a number of ways. The anticipation, change, fluctuations in hormones and emotions involved can prove extremely stressful and anxiety inducing.

Preconception, pregnancy and the time following the birth of a baby, are all occasions where you need extra support, time out to relax and revitalise, and relief from anxiety and tension.


Trying to conceive can make emotions run extremely high and cause stress levels to rise considerably. This stress can cause both physical and emotional issues, which can be counterproductive to fertility. Stress is thought to be a considerable factor in the conception process, and understandably, the longer conception takes the more stressful and frustrating the whole situation can become.

Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples in the UK, which is around 3.5 million people. It is not uncommon for it to take 1-2 years for a couple to conceive.

More information about infertility can be found at National Infertility Awareness and Infertility Network UK.

There is evidence to support that stress does affect fertility (there is also evidence to suggest that it does not!) but it is not a simple causal relationship. Stressful situations can unbalance the hormones needed for conception to happen naturally. Extreme or prolonged stress is believed to affect ovulation, the blood supply to the uterus and production of all the hormones needed for conception.

Stress can also encourage other behaviour that can affect fertility, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking excessive amounts of caffeine and poor diet. All of which can affect your overall health and hinder the conception process. Throw in a loss of libido, which frequently happens when you’re under extreme stress and you’ve got a very challenging situation.

Whether or not stress is a factor in fertility, taking time out for yourself, particularly to have complementary therapies such as Reflexology and Reiki, can help the body to relax and rebalance. And as far as we’re concerned improved sleep, mood and emotional state can only help the process!


While pregnancy is an amazing time, it does also bring about considerable change and periods of adjustment which can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Holistic therapies can be great for promoting sleep at a time when it is most difficult, giving gentle relief from aches and pains and bringing about a calming, relaxed state which is important for yours and your baby’s wellbeing.
Regular sessions of complementary therapies can help keep the body on an even keel during pregnancy, preparing you and baby for labour and the birthing process.

Postnatal Care

And the time following the birth of a baby can mean a major upheaval in routine, a time of elation and also exhaustion. Because of loss of sleep, breastfeeding and hormone fluctuations, this is an important time, and one when a new mum is most in need of some much needed rest, relaxation and a little pampering.
We offer a range of therapies that can reduce stress levels, which are therefore beneficial during the conception process, pregnancy and beyond.

How we can help……

At the Navitas Centre, we offer a variety of treatments which can help with relaxation, relieving stress and tension, improving mood, aiding sleep and improving your overall wellbeing, such as:-

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If you’re experiencing Infertility, we understand that this is a very difficult time, no matter what your situation, please be assured that you will receive an understanding and empathic service from us. We’ll endeavour to provide treatments that will meet your individual needs.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help before committing to any treatments then please get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a consultation to discuss how to approach your personal situation and if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll formulate a treatment plan with you.

Complementary therapies are not a cure for infertility or any medical condition. If you are pregnant, taking prescription medicine or under the care of a general practitioner, midwife, or healthcare team then please check with them that they are happy for you to receive complementary therapies alongside your medical care.