Animal Reiki is based upon traditional Japanese Reiki  techniques that can induce a deeply relaxed, often meditative state in both people and animals. Many clients report an improvement in their animal’s overall wellbeing through receiving regular Reiki treatments.

Reiki energy is believed to awaken the body’s natural healing processes, bringing about balance and wellbeing within animals on both physical and emotional levels.



Animal Reiki Practitioners

Our animal Reiki practitioner is Jenny Moran who not only works with our human clients at Navitas, but has also trained in animal Reiki to Shinpiden level with Kathleen Prasad, a renown author and animal Reiki champion. Jenny has also studied the immune system within her PhD studies and has a keen interest in how it functions and its interaction with stress and the environment.

As an experienced animal practitioner she has a deep love and respect for animals, working closely in companionship with you as the animal’s carer to ensure the very best for your animal.  She believes your animal should lead the treatment and through patience and observation, respects your animal’s needs and requirements.

Animal Reiki treatment options

Animal Reiki TreatmentPrice
Reiki treatment£40.00
Distant treatment£30.00

Animal Reiki

Animals are especially responsive to Reiki as unlike humans they have no preconceived ideas about whether or not Reiki works but are guided by trust and intuition, without expectation, judgment or agenda. An animal has no thought as to whether something will work or not, therefore their mind does not get in the way. What we do with animal Reiki is create a connection and oneness with the animal, allowing them to fall into a deep state of relaxation.

An animal treatment is approached very differently to that of a human treatment. Animals lead all of our treatments. We do not ‘do’ Reiki to an animal, but we share Reiki healing with them if they welcome it. They can and will determine how and where the treatment takes place and this is therefore initiated at a slight distance rather than hands on. Of course the animal may wish closer contact and therefore can chose hands on or off. A treatment is very much led by the animal’s needs and comfort.

Although many animals enjoy better health through regular Reiki  treatments, it is important to understand that any healing is performed by their own body. The deeply relaxed state resulting from a Reiki treatment allows relief from stress and the animal’s body is able to return to balance and health. Typically an animal will exhibit signs of accepting a treatment by yawning, sighing or even falling asleep.

Reiki is suitable for all animals, from companion to farm and wild animals, as beautifully shown by Blossom the cow accepting Reiki in the photo above! It will come as no surprise to anybody who spends time with horses to learn that they are very sensitive to the calm and relaxing state created during a Reiki session and will often move towards the offer of Reiki even from across a field.

Reiki is non-invasive and as it is a holistic therapy, it aims to treat the whole animal. Not just on a physical level, but also on emotional and spiritual levels too.

What happens during an animal Reiki treatment?

Jenny will come to you and see your animal at your home or place of work. During the treatment she will sit with your animal bringing him/her into a relaxed state and begin offering Reiki energy. The treatment is done from a short distance, with the animal free to come and go – allowing your animal to get used to the feeling of energy; they will then decide how they wish the treatment to proceed. Should they chose a hands on treatment they will come and position the area of their body that they want touched under towards the hands, or they will continue to enjoy the treatment from a short distance.

Reiki is an adaptable treatment and can given anywhere; therefore horses for instance can be treated within their stable or field. What matters most is that your animal is comfortable and relaxed during their Reiki treatment.

You are very welcome to remain with the animal during the treatment and may also benefit from the relaxed state created. Many people find that Reiki gives them the time they need to focus on themselves and this time focused on relaxation and healing often brings about an improved sense of overall wellbeing for you both, although it is not necessary that you are present.

How long will an animal Reiki treatment last?

Animal Reiki treatments will normally last for between 30mins to around an hour, and are very much animal led. Sometimes animals will require a shorter and possibly more intense treatment, at other times will require a longer period – we are always guided by them, although first sessions will be slightly longer as a consultation will take place prior to the treatment. The animal may come and go and it is often very clear when they feel the treatment is finished or if they wish it to continue further.

What are the benefits of animal Reiki?

It is a safe and non-invasive technique that encourages the body’s own healing abilities and can be used for any condition without any side effects.

Reiki is effective in supporting an animal within a variety of situations;

  • boost and maintenance of the immune system
  • general aches and pains
  • chronic illness
  • acceleration of healing post-surgical trauma, wounds, breaks and sprains
  • anxiety, nervousness or emotional issues where it can help calm and relax highly strung, stressed or hyperactive animals
  • old age conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism where it can revitalise and energise older animals

Some of the biggest benefits of Reiki are stress reduction and relaxation. When stressed the body can enter a ‘fight or flight’ mode leading to the immune and other physiological systems being less able to function efficiently. Prolonged stress which dampens the immune system can leave an animal feeling exhausted, run down and vulnerable to all sorts of illnesses. The deep state of relaxation resulting from Reiki enables the animal to return to balance and therefore initiate its own ability to heal.

This deeply relaxed state places your animal in a natural state of calm which is essential for the body’s healing processes to work efficiently and effectively. This also includes their mental and emotional wellbeing.

What will my animal feel during a Reiki treatment?

When experiencing Reiki as a human it is quite common to experience feelings of; deep relaxation, intense emotion, visions of vivid colours or feel immense heat or cold and we can only assume animals feel similar sensations. However, it is important to note that a person or animal’s experience of Reiki is individual and therefore unique to them/you. Healing works at both a physical and emotional level.

There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki. What they experience at the time will be right for them at that moment. They may even have completely different experiences each time they have Reiki.

Your animal may relax deeply and sleep during the treatment, come and go moving around, eat or drink or a combination of all. Animals are often observed yawning and stretching as they relax. Your animal may also experience increased thirst following the treatment and therefor It is important to provide them with plenty of fresh water.

How often should my animal have Reiki?

This will depend on you and your animal. There are no hard and fast rules that says how often anyone should have complementary therapies. If you have the time, budget and the desire, your animal can have Reiki as often as you feel it would benefit.

If your animal has a specific issue it is best to have a course of treatments closer together, for example 4 weekly treatments and then continued treatments spaced further apart as you begin to see their benefit. Of course, the ultimate decision as to how many treatments your animal has lies with you, your animal is unable to tell us and we can only guide you. Every animal is different and you are the best judge as to how often you feel they should receive treatments.

Reiki is not a substitute or alternative to veterinary care, but can be used alongside it to improve results. Should your animal have an illness or injury then it is important that veterinary treatment is sought first. Reiki will not interfere with any medication or other treatments but it is advised that you have agreement from your vet for Reiki to be carried out when supporting a current treatment.

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