Reflexology is a popular complementary therapy relating to maternity and conception. It is very often sought when couples become concerned about their fertility.

Reflexology is a deeply calming and relaxing treatment. It can help to reduce stress levels, which in turn allows hormone levels to become more balanced, meaning that Reflexology is an excellent treatment for pre-conception and also for both maternity & postnatal care.



Reflexologist – Katie Bailey

Katie has a strong interest in Reflexology, particularly relating to fertility and pregnancy.  She has undertaken numerous advanced reflexology courses, including training in maternity and conception Reflexology with Sally Earlam, the Head of Education and Training for the Association of Reflexologists.

Katie provides Reflexology for couples dealing with fertility issues, treatments during pregnancy, (including preparation for labour) and also treatments for postnatal care.

Katie is also a Baby Reflex Practitioner and provides Baby Reflex classes at the One to One Midwives Pregnancy Advice Centre in Crewe for parents to learn specially adapted techniques to treat their own babies with Reflexology.

Reflexology treatment Options

Reflexology TreatmentPrice
Pre-conception Reflexology treatment – 1 hour£40.00
Maternity / Postnatal Reflexology treatment – 1 hour£40.00
Preparation for labour Reflexology treatment – 1 hour£40.00

Reflexology for Pre-conception, Maternity and Postnatal Care

Reflexology is a very popular therapy relating to maternity and conception. It is a treatment often sought when couples become concerned about their fertility.

Reflexology is a deeply soothing treatment and can help to reduce tension, stress and anxiety all of which allows hormone levels to become more balanced.

Treatments will, be adapted in a specific way to meet your needs during:-

    • pre-conception,
    • pregnancy,
    • assisted reproduction such as IVF and ICSI,
    • just before, and even during labour, and
    • postpartum.

Reflexology for Pre-Conception

Reflexology treatments for pre-conception are especially adapted to be relaxing and calming and aid the balancing pf hormone levels, but it is important to note that these treatments are not just focused on fertility. Treating the entire person is extremely important, as stress, anxiety and tension can have a huge impact on our emotional state and physical health.

During pre-conceptual care it can be more helpful for both partners receive treatments.  Of course, you may both feel drawn to completely different therapies, which is absolutely fine, but essentially it is helpful if you are both committed to doing something to aid the process of conception.

If infertility is an issue it is important to remember that it does not just affect you as an individual, and it is important and often strength giving if both partners see this process as a journey they are taking together.  If you both feel more relaxed, calm and balanced then you’ll be stronger and far more able to deal with what can be a very challenging situation together!

Maternity Reflexology

During pregnancy, Reflexology is great way to relax and gain some much needed rest. The deep relaxation which can be experienced during Reflexology can bring about improved sleep patterns, and help you to feel better overall.

Reflexology will be most beneficial if sessions are begun early on in your pregnancy (although most women like to wait until their second trimester, and for most that is advisable anyway).  Reflexology can be given on a regular basis i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly.  It is quite usual to increase sessions towards your due date, but every treatment plan will be individual and depend on your needs and wishes.

We can also teach you and/or your partner techniques to provide self care Reflexology at home too, particularly towards the end of your pregnancy to help your body prepare for labour.

Reflexology for Postnatal Care

Reflexology can continue even after your baby has arrived.  Giving birth brings along huge changes, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Coping with loss of sleep, hormone fluctations, breastfeeding and the changes in your body mean that this is one of the times you will need the most rest and relaxation.

During the postnatal period you’ll still gain hugely from what Reflexology can offer and benefit from a very natural, gentle way of aiding your body’s recovery from pregnancy and birth.

Can everyone have Reflexology?

If you are undergoing IVF treatment or your are pregnant it is always advisable to check with your healthcare provider before beginning Reflexology sessions.

Receiving Reflexology should not be a problem unless you have experienced previous complications. Unfortunately, there are some situations where Reflexology is not suitable, such as where there is a high risk of pre-term labour, pre-eclampsia, deep vein thrombosis or placenta previa. If you are not sure then please call us to discuss your situation or speak to your consultant or midwife.

If you have any illnesses, medical conditions or any concerns please let us know at the time of booking. And if you’re not sure please telephone or email us, even if we can’t provide Reflexology we may be able to recommend other therapies that could help you.

Complementary therapies such as Reflexology, Reiki & Massage are not a cure for infertility or any medical condition. If you are pregnant, taking prescription medicine or under the care of a general practitioner, midwife, or healthcare team then please check with them that they are happy for you to receive complementary therapies alongside your medical care.

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