Reiki is a therapy that can be used at preconception, maternity and postnatal stages. Reiki has no contraindications and is completely safe for any stage of pregnancy, even during the first trimester where other therapies would normally be approached with caution.


Reiki and conception

Preconception can be an especially stressful time. Trying to conceive is not always as easy as you’d expect and the longer things take to happen the more anxious you can become. Stress can be counter-productive to fertility and can make the whole conception journey a very difficult time.

Learning Reiki together can give couples a way to support and help each other through that conception journey and at the same time, strengthen their own bond and improve the entire experience.

Reiki is unique in that it can accessed as a therapy, but it can also be easily learnt by new parents or couples trying to conceive to enable them to help and support one another. This is because Reiki can be used for both self healing and providing treatments to others. Giving each other Reiki can really enhance a loving harmonious relationship, especially in times of immense stress.

Reiki and pregnancy

Reiki for Pregnancy
Reiki is great for taking time out during pregnancy to relax and prepare for the physical and emotional changes ahead. It is a fully adaptable treatment so you can receive Reiki in whatever way is most comfortable for you during your pregnancy, i.e. lying on your side, sitting in a chair or lying in a slightly reclined position.

Reiki provides both emotional and physical support and during pregnancy and will also be great for baby too. The deep relaxation also means that the some pregnancy related aches, pains and other symptoms, such as backaches, headaches & nausea, etc can be relieved or minimised.


Reiki after birth

Reiki can also be a great help for postnatal care. It is a gentle non-invasive therapy, which will help bring about a sense of calm and peaceful relaxation. There are no contraindications so it does not matter at all what type of birth you had. It can be a tremendous support, both emotionally and physically, to help new mums cope with the challenges of having a newborn, adjust to different sleeping patterns, and feel comfortable with their new body after birth.

Reiki for babies

Reiki is an exceptionally good treatment for babies and children of any age. It is completely adaptable and so flexible that it can be given any time, anywhere. Of course, there’s nothing more comforting for babies than cuddles for mum or dad, but there may be times when babies need additional comfort, for example when they’re suffering from colic or feeling unsettled after receiving their vaccinations. If you’ve taken a Reiki course for yourself during or before pregnancy, then it will be invaluable after your pregnancy too. If not, we can provide treatments for babies and children as well as for you!