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I don’t question anything now

Case Study

We have just had one of our Reiki students hand in their case studies after taking her Reiki level two course.

Charlotte had been practising Reiki for quite some time after taking a Reiki level one course, but she decided to take the next step.

On the day of the course when I presented the case studies to Charlotte, she commented how difficult it would be to carry out 15 distant healing treatments, and that it would much easier to do the hands on healing.

I could feel the apprehension and the genuine feeling that she was not sure this was doable. I expressed that distant healing for other students can be easier than finding hands on practice, but it is important to understand the power of distant healing. I also expressed that we have lots of clients who would welcome some additional healing, especially from a distance, if she did struggle.

Just over a month later, the case studies have been handed in, with the following comments.

“I can’t believe how it feels to carry out distant treatments, the energy is so different. I am feeling so much, the energy just feels so different to carrying out hands on treatments. In the last four weeks I haven’t questioned anything.

I replied by saying, “simple isn’t it?”

Charlotte then responded with, “I was going to type up my case notes but I thought, you know what, that is 30 minutes of my time that could be spent sending distant healing”

How amazing. Going from not really wanting to carry out distant healing, to now using whatever spare time she has to send it.

You know it is not easy to just allow things to be. We try to delve into things too much. We feel the need to know how everything works and why a particular thing happens. But the simpler we keep it and the more we experience, the more we learn.

If we just simply lay our hands on ourselves or someone else, with the intent that they receive all that they need at that time. Then what we experience will be truly amazing.

Why? Because we are open to whatever happens, with no expectations, no insecurities.

So try not to question anything and just allow Reiki to be.

Allow yourself the opportunity to experience it, and allow the recipient of Reiki to experience exactly what they need to experience.

Keep it simple and Reiki will blow your mind! Not literally of course as you wouldn’t experience much after that!!

Charlotte’s own comments show that the experience itself is the perfect way to learn. No amount of words would have enabled this type of learning.

I recently came across a great quote, which really resonates with me.

the best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what you see

Alexandra K.Trenfor